Recommended Links

Library Sites

RefDesk — now ready reference is really ready — just click!

New York Public Library databases — access many terrific databases with your NYPL library card.— debunks many myths and urban legends (and confirms many others).

The Acronym Finder— when you're baffled by initials or acronyms.

Public Library of Science — Open Access science journals (a challenge to publishers)

PBS American Masters database — detailed essays, some with video, about more than 100 leading American artists, writers, journalists, and cultural figures. The Walter Cronkite section is fascinating.

Culture and Arts

National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. — One of the world's finest art collections.

Arts and Letters Daily — a portal to recent scholarly work and cultural commentary.

News and Politics — news plus ideas; always food for thought.

UK Guardian — excellent reporting from across the Pond. — video dialogues; always interesting, sometimes fun, especially the Robert Wright/Mickey Kaus diavlogs.

CounterPunch — hard-nosed reporting from a skeptical perspective from Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) — fact-checking media watchdog.

New York City sites

Forgotten New York — NYC's past is alive at this site; full of fascinating minutiae (don't be put off by the slightly off-kilter webpage layouts)

Chowhound! — Great bulletin board about Manhattan restaurants, and all things gastronomical everywhere.

Friends' sites

Shanghai Love Motel — NYC-based band: Bill, Bryan, Adam and Mark; good tunes (check out the free mp3's) and pay attention to the lyrics. Yes these guys were English majors in college.

Breeding Winners — Like to play the ponies? My friend Andy's got some statistics that might help you out.

The Clifford and Norm Show — Taking neurosis to a whole new level.

The Unusual

Ashes and Snow — beautiful, haunting multimedia representation of a traveling museum exhibition.

Apophenia — the blog of danah boyd; interesting perspectives on culture, media and information.

Fun Stuff

Homestar Runner — strange things are happening in this cartoon world.

Bigfoot Sightings!

Alien Loves Predator — comic strip about two monsters sharing a New York City apartment

Onion News Network — The best in (fake) TV news.

Pandora — Tell it what music you like, and it will custom-program a radio station for you! For free!

And Don't Forget...

Boodleheimer — my blog: get the Dan Weltsch take on things.

Dan Weltsch on Facebook — yes, I'm on Facebook too.