Game: The Exquisite Corpse

weird Emily Head 
Drawing of a "head" from our version of the Exquisite Corpse game

This is a game I've enjoyed since I was a kid.
Originally called "Cadavre Exquis," it was dreamed up by the French Surrealists in the 1920's.
The game involves a group project (a drawing, a story, or a written word piece) executed without the participants being aware of what their co-creators are doing. It celebrates strange juxtapositions and dream-like combinations.

When I play it with my niece Emily, we do drawings, and we call it "Heads, Bodies and Legs."

(Scroll down for how to play).

Here's a gallery of "Exquisite Corpses"
made by me and my niece Emily...

Dan and Emily
Donut-head Cactus-head Eye Robot Hors on Wheels Stinkfoot Dragon